Hello world! – First Ever Blog!

Well, this is my first time ever blogging and a lot has gone on this week – from my car crash on Monday, to helping Leeds Trinity Students Against Cuts fight the coalition government.


The car crash wasn’t the best part of my week I have to say. I was at a roundabout waiting for a gap, saw one, about to set off and then thought wait a minute, a car is coming, and then BOOM! Driver in an astra behind me just drives into the back of my car. WTF?! Then he asks me are you OK, I respond, I’m OK just a bit shaken up. Then he drives off, no reg. plate details, no insurance- I am officially up the creek without a paddle. The car isn’t in that much of a state, just cracked across the bumper at the back, easily fixed.


The week started to get better when I started back at Uni. Lectures are good, hard work but good. Then I found out about the occupation at Uni. Which is officially amazing. There has never been a protest, rally or occupation until Leeds Trinity Students Against Cuts started. It consists of peaceful protests, rally and occupation. I had my first experience of the occupation last night. We just stay in a room at University and do not leave. There is always someone in the occupation room. Leeds Trinity Students Against Cuts all started back in November with the notional demo down in London, the day that they were voting on rising tuition fees.


The national Demo was an amazing experience that really opened my eyes to the world that we live in. There were up to 70,000 students there which people were not expecting, especially the police. At one point we were at Millbank, where everything started to go wrong. At first, all that happened was we were sat on the floor in front of Millbank, a nice peaceful protest. And suddenly people started to smash windows, set off flares and start fires. I thought ‘I have to get out of here, before it gets really bad’. There was news coverage of someone throwing a fire extinguisher off the top of Millbank, which absolutely disgusted me. In doing that someone could have got really hurt. I understand protesting against the cuts, but harming people that have nothing to do with the coalition government is just ridiculous. After the protest, Leeds Trinity Students Against Cuts was formed.


We had our first ever rally at Leeds Trinity yesterday. We have already made history. It went well. We even managed to wake up some students that think that 1pm is not dinner time, its sleepy time. Apparently they were woken up by the sounds of our chants. At least we got people’s attention.


Today we have a silent disco in the Library, bring your own MP3 and dance the day away – form of people protesting that no one can do anything about. Personally I will be dancing to Rage Against the Machine, which seems very appropriate for what we are protesting against. The coalition government has a lot to answer for, and today we will be getting answers from our local MP who happens to be a Tory.


Today should be fun……….


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