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Late nights, not feeling in the mood to do any uni work and talkign to friends

Well where do I start.

I haven’t written in my blog for so long and so much has happened that it will take me so long to explain.

Firstly I finally found an amazing person: intelligent, lovely, great personality and pretty hot might I add. Everything was going fine until I feel like I ruined it by being paranoid, which turned out not to be paranoia really. I had good reason to over analyse the relationship. Things went from bad to worse then. And we ended up breaking up but not fully, which was even more confusing. I thought everything was sorted, we talked through all our problems with the relationship and then the person in question broke up with me properly. Then after all that this person still sometimes acts like they are with me, and still wants to be with me but after getting to know me more. Totally and utterly a mind fuck.

So my mind and heart was in absolute pieces.

Oh things can’t get any worse, oh but they can.

On top of that and some family stuff, my mind does not like to work when it comes to doing reading for uni. I cannot focus on reading for more than five minutes even if it interests me. Sleeping and eating pattern are all over the place and when I’m alone I cannot be bothered doing anything in the slightest. The only thing that I can be bothered to do is see my family and friends. Even then I’m like ‘meh’. I have so much work to do for my degree and I cannot find the motivation to get started with it. No motivation for anything these days.

So what do I do? Trip to doctors…………counselling here I come.

One thing I cannot wait for is the LGBT conference in Sheffield. We get to debate about campaigns and issues to do with the gay community. It is one of the most amazing things and I get to meet loads of amazing people. Changing gay lives for the better. I might be even the LGBT adviser for my uni, obviously volunteering but still. Making sure that all gay students at uni get the same experience as straight people and that all their issues are raised and dealt with. Hopefully the rest of the year is going to be better than the first part.

Fingers crossed eh?

Things can only get better.