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An update which i should have done long ago…..

I’ve got some things coming up and realised there are far too many things that i want to do in my life….. Well lack of money stops me doing most of them:
I would love to create some type of charity for animal rights, kind of a bit like Peta but not the vegan thing, and I wouldn’t impose vegetarianism on people. But promote animal rights in every way shape and form that I possibly could.
I’d also like to do something to do with LGBT rights, especially in schools because I think its atrocious that in some schools if a child says “what does gay mean?” they have to say it means HAPPY!! I know yes, it did mean happy but what if the child is confused about their sexuality, are they going to deny that child guidance and help? I would love to do a campaign to get sexuality taught PROPERLY in schools, and make children realise that it is ok to be who you are and no one should try and change that.
I’d also like to be a pre school teacher =] I’d love to teach small children art and crafts, painting, and the values of being who you are and not judging other people by what they look like or who they are.
I’d also love to be a photographer. Photograph normal everyday life and show people the true beauty and the true atrocity that is all around us.

Do you think I can do all this on a job which pays me £280 a month…… because I don’t. Unless I do even more hours so instead of my normal two days a week, and the current four days a week I’m doing, I’d have to do even more. Hate having a £6 an hour job, yes I do love where I work, and working with children but it is not enough money to live off… and I want to do so much more with my life.
I know this is probably a very pessimistic blog, but anyone got any ideas of how I could get into doing all these things because I’d love to do them all.

Oh forgot to add. I cannot wait for:
GLEE CON with one of my bestest friends biggrin
And BOARDMASTERS!! Newquay here I come (I’d love to live there) biggrin