Random Ranting

I thought I may as well just do my usual ranting and see where it takes me.

So I am currently watching Russell Howard’s good news on DVD. Thought I’d put something funny on to put me in a good mood. Because something at work today made me really upset, then I snapped at one of my co workers 😦 and then I felt even more shit because apparently I’m no fun anymore 😦 gutted.

Russell Howard does make me laugh though, some of his humour does go bit too far sometimes though. But none the less it does make me giggle.

I had an amazing conversation with my Nan yesterday about my great gran. We were talking about her life, like where she worked and stuff. She was the Liquorice Queen of Pontefract =] and the local newspaper are doing an article on her. We were talking bout the way she always looked pristine ; her hair done, lovely matching clothes, matching pearls and earrings. How she always used to trim the roses in her garden, have two sweeteners with her really milky tea, let us eat fresh rubarb from out of her garden with sugar 🙂 She was a lovely woman who lived to be 90, she had an amazing life. I will miss her so much, But its sometimes nice to think about the good times not the bad. R.I.P Granny Pem.

On an Absolutely different note, I am going to start taking photographs all the time again. I want to document the world around us as it changes into something else. By that I mean how the landscape is always changing, and people change too. I miss taking photos. Its one thing that makes me feel happy.


On another note, Russell Howard just told a joke about a fox with a hard on….. and how it would look like Anne Robinson with a strap on. Haha it made me laugh so much. So ride but so funny 🙂


Well I haven’t really gone on a rant…… but erm yeah I think that’s it for now 🙂




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