Well, this week has turned out to be an eye opener to a lot of things. Practically find out that my so called “boyfriend” probably has a girlfriend where he is based in Germany. I swear I am never! EVER! going to go out with a lad in the army again! And I have also found out the real reasons why my ex girlfriend broke up with me…. one of the reasons was that she was moving back up to Newcastle and she wouldn’t be able to take the distance. And there is also the issue that she would have if she went out with any bisexual girls, the fact that they like men too. But its something that she will have to work on and get over. I’m glad I’m still mates with her but it hurt me the fact that she came up with lots of reasons for breaking up with me when it was really just one reason which we could have worked out so easily seeing as though I drive….

I know relationships are hard, but the fact that every single time something goes wrong when I least expect it does my head in. I know everyone has relationship problems but this is getting silly. I’m just not going to bother trying until someone actually tries with me, until someone cares for me that much that I know it and that I can trust them.

On another different note, I really want to do some protesting soon, whether its to do with animal rights, or the fact that our government is pissing everything down the drain:  trying to close homes for the elderly so they make them go to private ones which cost a bomb, and that I know from experience, don’t care for the elderly properly. And the fact that they are trying to close the NHS to make everyone go private, closing crisis centres, or just making students pay a ridiculous amount of money for their education….. This country is going down the shitter. The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting even poorer. I read an article that said most of the middle class could end up being homeless because they are not poor enough to get help from the government and they are not rich enough to, well be bale to do everything themselves….. Its something that needs addressing quickly. Not to mention the court system. A guy that starved his two dogs to death and then he tried to dump them in a park, got 12 weeks in jail. Just TWELVE FUCKING WEEKS. I’m sorry but that is definately not enough! He needs to realise what he did was horrifically wrong! Those poor dogs taht depended on him and probably loved him got tortured for a long time. Especially if you think how long it would have taken for them to die a long painful death…. Its so horrible. When I heard about it I could have screamed. WTF is the court system thinking. People who drive with no insurance on teh car probably get longer than what that bastard got.

Anyway I have ranted for too long…. But I think I’m going to get a cat =] I can’t wait




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