Leeds Trinity Students Against Cuts

I thought I would take some time to tell you all what is actually happening at my University and most Universities around the country that have been hit seriously by the cuts.

Leeds Trinity is one of the most serious cases where things are going terribly wrong.

Leeds Trinity’s government budget has been cut by 100% because we do not have any stem courses (courses like science and maths). It seems like the government is specifically targeting Universities that have creative or humanities courses the most. I personally could not think of a world with no creativity………..

The effects of this cut would be that lecturers would get sacked. This would mean that the classes would be bigger, so the thing that I found amazing about Leeds Trinity would be lost. The small classes, the one to one with lecturers, the close nit community would be lost.

The 5 deans (people that help Freda, the principal with matters in the departments) have all been sacked. Which is putting a tremendous amount of pressure on Freda, having to deal with everything. So now the University is just run by Freda and Mark Shields.

The business model has been taken into institutes, and now to some, is seen as the norm. It is no longer about education, it is about turning a profit from the student body. It is no longer about knowledge, it is about profit!!

Trinity is living off of borrowed money/profit. Apart from the income of the students, so the tuition fees and accommodation fees, there is no income for Universities. Students could be seen as being used to make sure the universities don’t go under. Students could be seen as just profit, and personally I find that disgusting. I thought it was about giving people a good education and encouraging people to learn and grow as a person, obviously, the student life I was told about is nothing like reality.


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